Tournament Schedules

Welcome our 2014-2015 Season

Unlike many sports, golf is for the most part played without the supervision of a referee, umpire, or coach.

We have one tournament each month during the year.  Nine of them are on local courses in Orange County, CA.  We also have 3 away tournaments played throughout the United States. 




Club Info & Locations

The origins in golf clubs in North America can be traced to the year 1786 in Charleston, S.C.

Orange County Seniors Golf Association, otherwise known as OCSGA, was formed in 1966.  During the first year we had 56 members coming from all over Orange County.

Some of the clubs we play are SeaCliff, Yorba Linda, Torrey Pines, and Oak Creek.


About Our Memberships

Golf tournaments are played monthly, preferably on Mondays, in the months of September thru June. Additional Travel Tournaments* are planned for the Fall & Spring. These consist of 3 to 5 day and overnight trips to golf resorts, which include hotel, meals, golf and other amenities.

Guests may be invited based on space available 11 days after entry form is mailed from the OCSGA office.

A Word From Our President

Welcome and thank you for visiting the OCSGA website. The site is continuously updated with information about the association's goals, events and membership opportunities.  Members will be able to browse the site and glean Information about and sign up for upcoming events.

OCSGA is an organization of senior golfers who play golf for the love of the game and the camaraderie of fellow members.  Events include local tournaments in Southern California and such away locations as Hawaii, North & South Carolina and Arizona.

As we approach our 50th Anniversary, we have adopted the motto: HONOR THE PAST, CELEBRATE THE PRESENT and ANTICIPATE THE FUTURE.  We will honor the men who made the association great, celebrate the present by active participation in all events and anticipate the future by being a dynamic organization.

The sun always shines on the golf course!

  • Our goal is to have fun wherever we play.  Our courses are some of the best in the country.  And we welcome guests and new prospective members each month.  Thank you for your support and  participation.    Joseph Cellini, President